Mystery behind the missing sock

Is this your expression when you are searching for your socks that just went through laundry?

Socks are those quintessential clothing accessory that is useful for men, women, kids, et. all.  👞

Ask anyone who washes and arranges socks and you'll hear the universal story of the missing pair.  No matter how many socks pair you have once it goes through laundry, you'll have one of a pair.  You may even find all the socks, but again one of each pair.

Many people have to tried to solve this mystery without much success.  People have even made electronic "trackers" to find the missing pairs.  Don't believe me see below:

Bluetooth Socks Tracker

Then people become innovative and started printing socks with different designs and colors.  Basically each socks in a pair were of different design.  So you eliminate the problem altogether because the socks are no more in pairs !!

But we have a simple solution.  One that is practical, does not cost a fortune to buy.  A solution that ensures the pair of socks are together from the time they are in the washing machine, to the drying and finally when they are hung or placed after drying.

Socks Organizer - Never Lose a Pair


  • Unique two-In-one accessory saves lost socks in washer/dryer; adjustable sliders hold and lock dirty socks.
  • Great alternative to a sock drawer organizer; Parents will love this and never lose a sock again!
  • 3 easy steps: wash, dry, & hang in closet – socks never separate from their mate; foot-shaped hanger fits in closet or over doorknob
  • Keep your laundry socks organized and together
  • Fun for boys and girls to keep socks neat & organized; Works with all size socks - adult, kid, & baby socks
  • Cool Organizer for hanging, closet; No folding or matching clean socks

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